The Multi-Church Pastor Institute is a field initiative of the Institute for the Study of African Realities, a sister organization of Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology under the umbrella of Africa International University.

Execution is Key

I was in the Dar Es Salaam airport awhile ago and saw this statement which claimed to be a Swahili proverb:  “Where there is a purpose there is no failure.” Do you agree with that statement?  I don’t. A lot of people have a purpose or a goal.  They have something that they want to […]

Unexpected Training

At our last seminar we expected to be training people but God was training us.  Let me explain.  We had all of our careful plans and our thoughts about what we would do at and how we would do it.  But it didn’t happen that way.  For example: We were expecting the group to be […]

Stewardship, Ministry and Life

Stolen! It was quite a shock when I looked into the box where we keep the MCPI projector and to realize that it was missing.   We were just setting up for our team training day–and it was gone.  It was quite a blow and my heart was very disturbed and heavy as I wrestled with […]

Outside Resources and Church Leadership Training in Africa

The Moth[1] in the Cocoon The story is told of a young man who found a cocoon and brought it home. Every day he watched to see if the insect was ready to come out. One day as he examined it to his delight the cocoon was split a part of the way open and […]